It takes practice, but when you do back extensions work towards being able to round your back, vertebrae by vertebrae, until you hit parallel.  Flexion to Extension!


The CrossFit Open is announced tonight at 5pm! Stay glued to your Laptops! Whatever they announce today, we’ll do as  the Workout of the Day tomorrow (Thursday). You’ll also have another chance to do the Open workout on Saturday. Let’s go ECF!

Workout of the Day

Row 750

5 burpees

5 Kettle bell swings

Row 500

15 burpees

15 Kettle bell swings

Row 250

25 burpees

25 kettlebell swings

LDRBRD 3-6-13

whiteboard 3-6-13


When can I do the open workout?

–  Come to a class on Thursday – it will be the Daily WOD
–  Athletes WOD will be at 10am on Saturday
–  11am on Saturday
– 2:30pm on Saturday
–  5:30 on Saturday

If you need to do it on a different day, an ECF coach must be present and helping.
Most of the ECF coaches rate is $60/hour for personal training outside of the regular WODs.
It will NOT be the WOD for Sunday.