Jason and Salina working on getting stronger.  Also I may or may not have poured Color Me Rad stuff all over them.


Workout of the Day

Tax Day workout
Run 5k


If you can show documented proof that you’ve run 5k (at one time) in the last two weeks, your coach will run you thru a different workout.

Everyone always says, “Why would I come to CrossFit to run when I could run on my own??”

The answer?  Because you probably don’t.

The run is towards Marist High school until you cross the post marker and the V shaped tree shown below.  It’s right next to the Track.  This is the halfway marker.

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Top 6 Shortcuts of Fitness (in this order)
1.  Sleep
1.  Nutrition
3.  Hydration
4.  Mobility
5.  Fish Oil

The one to rule them all is logging your workouts.  By logging you workouts you’ll find all the above improved.  Don’t forget to log your “lifestyle log” on a daily basis.  this’ll help you improve the 5 above more consistently.

Oh, and did you know we have stats running on the ‘lifestyle log’ during the month of april?  I’ll post the results at the end of the month, but so far this month:

– Most Healthy Eater:  Lynne M
Consistent with Fish Oil:  Gabe L and Hilary L
Most Hydrated:  Angel M
Best Sleeper: Angel M
Most logged workouts:  Padma
Who felt the best this month?  Katelin T
Best Mobility:  Jeremy S
Best overall:  Lynne M

We’ll start a new one at the beginning of the month and have a leaderboard for it!