You know what’s cool? Being jacked as HECK.


Hey listen! We got an awesome new class for you every Monday and Wednesday at 5:30pm and Friday at 4:30pm called Athlete’s WOD! It’s awesome and for everyone. It’s about 1.5 hours long and gives you extra time to get better at your weightlifting and then you get an awesome workout at the end. We’ll also post all the workouts the night before just like the daily. So come check it out! Remember, MW at 5:30pm and F at 4:30pm! Yay.

We got benchmark workout “Barbara” Thursday!


Strength: Alt EMOM x 8
1) 3 HSS @60-70%
2) 200m Run

Conditioning: 4 RFT
15 HPS 75/55
12 T2B
9 BBJO 24/20

Cash Out: OH Plate Hold
3 x 1:00/1:00

Strength 4:30pm: Shoulder Press
DB or KB.

Athlete’s WOD

Squat Snatch
3×3 @75%
3×2 @85%
3×1 @90%

Back Squat
2×7 @75%
2×5 @80%
2×3 @85%

Row/Bike/Ski Intervals (Your choice)
:40 sec on/ :20 sec off x6
(rest 1:00)
:40 sec on/ :20 sec off x4
(rest 1:00)
:40 sec on/ :20 sec off x2