“Hey guys, it’s me coach TJ. Just a heads up this workout is about to kill you. Sorry for that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”


We got some fun workouts for you this week. So come in and check them out.

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Alternating EMOM (3 of Each)
8 Front Squats (from the ground)
8 Burpees over the Bar
**Alternate between burpees and fronts squat (may be done with partner with equal strength)**
RX = 135/95
RX+ = 155/105

Partner Workout
14:00 Clock

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Partner 1: Run 200m
Partner 2: 50m-70m Farmer Carry; 70/53
**Both partners working at the same time but opposite moves then switch until both partners complete 2 runs and 2 farmers carry**


Increasing Rep AMRAP with time remaing (I go, you go style)
3 Power Cleans 135/95
3 Box Jump 24/20
**Each Partner Completes round while opposite partner rests.**
**The Reps Increase by 1 on each move until the clock expires.**

Athlete’s WOD

20 Dubs
1 Snatch
*Start at 70% and Build

E3MOM x4:
:30 ME Back Squat @70%

10 DB Cleans/Thrusters 50/35
20 Cal Row/400m Run
12 Pull Ups
*Alternate between movements per round
**Rx+ is 2 Bar MU + 10 C2B