“We’re not sure what to do with our hands.”


Be the master of your destiny.

Track Town Smack Down! Join us for an ECF hosted CrossFit competition February 10th! To sign up, go to: http://nwfitgames.com/track-town-smackdown-2018/

We got a Hollaaa-day WOD for you on December 23rd. Sean has created a special workout just for you guys that weekend. Starts at 8am! After the WOD we will be serving an awesome breakfast consisting of waffles and bacon! It’ll be at 9:30am! Ye ye ye.

Michelle and Russ Long will be hosting an adults potluck ECF holiday party at their house on December 15th! Bring a dish or dessert to share! Starts at 6pm. For more info check out the ECF facebook page 🙂


3 Rounds:
8 DB Bench Press
8/arm SA DB Bent Over Row
10 GHD’s
(Rest ~1:00 between rounds)

*7 Touch n Go Power Snatch (115/85)*
Bear Hug Sandbag Carry to Curb + Back (Heavy)
30 Sec L-Sit

*Barbell Move Changes each round (Power Snatch, Clean+Jerk, Front Squat, S2O)
**Pick challenging L-Sit Variation (Rings/Hanging/Parallettes etc)