Pull till you can’t pull no more gurl.


It’s that Saturday gurl.

Also sign up for the Track Town Smack Down. Get a team and get ready for some sweet workouts. http://nwfitgames.com/track-town-smackdown-2018/

Saturday Classes

8:00 am WOD
Sean’s Daily Special. Show up to see what’s on the menu.

9:00 am Sweat Class
Ready to get sweaty? Sean is going to make you sweat till you die. It’s fun!

10:00 am All Comers WOD
A super fun free class coached by Sean. Everyone is welcome! Come check it out and bring a friend.

10:00am All Levels Olympic Weightlifting
All levels strength class focused on Olympic Weightlifting; we’ll get you strong and make your technique amazing. Coached by Brian.

11:00 am Rebecca’s Advance WOD
Looking for a challenge? Then this WOD is for you. Rebecca brews up a super nasty workout to push you to the limits.