Daren Kromarek

Daren Kromarek has found great success with the CrossFit program.  He has spent most of his life in one sport or another.  At a young age his father who was a Judo practitioner had him doing somersaults, headstands, jumping rope and competing in Judo competition. Daren went on to compete in Wrestling, soccer and basketball. He played all the sports that were offered in Juneau Alaska where he grew up.  Most recently he is enjoying racquetball and running as his main sports outside of CrossFit.

In Feb of 09, Daren was looking for new ways to improve his current strength and conditioning program and found CrossFit. After a short time, the owner of Eugene CrossFit asked if he’d like be in the apprenticeship program and Daren started his pursuit of coaching CrossFit.

Daren was hired as a full time Coach at Eugene CrossFit in January of 2010.  He coaches athletes 5-6 days a week up to 6 hours a day.  He loves that he gets to help people realize and surpass their fitness and life goals with proper nutrition and exercise using CrossFit methodology.  He has fun, is approachable and super nice!

Daren’s CrossFit certifications include CrossFit level 1, CrossFit Endurance, CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting, CrossFit Mobility, and Goal Setting.  Daren has also been on the Eugene CrossFit team and competed at the Northwest Regional two years in a row.