TJ Kelley

Born and raised in Northern New Jersey, Coach TJ constantly played and competed in sports (basketball, lacrosse, football, swimming). While there he was also head coach of a swim team for 3 years and snowboard coach for 5 years. Coach TJ moved to Oregon in 2012 for school (U of O), joined Eugene CrossFit in October 2012 and found that CrossFit made him a better snowboarder- balance, strength, stamina. He received his L1 certification in February 2014. He also attended the Outlaw Olympic Lifting Camp where he learned the “outlaw way.” Coach TJ says, “I love CrossFit because of its fundamental ideas and movements and how they can change someone’s life. I fractured my L5 vertebrate in high school and had pain constantly until I found CrossFit and strengthened not only my core and back but my entire body. Now I live pain free.”