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Today is the Day!

No matter who you are, you can get fitter–athlete, professor, fireman, parent, retired or busy; in shape, out of shape, super fit, bored with working out or can’t get enough exercise.

Try something different. We’ll coach you through ever-changing workouts that will challenge and thrill you. You’ll work hard–and most likely, you’ll exceed your expectations… no matter who you are.

Remember, there is no criteria to your showing up here.  We can modify everything to your ability so you can do this.  The best way to keep and stay motivated is to unleash that athlete inside.

How to get started

Contact us by email or phone, and we’ll set up a FREE one hour intro session.

During the intro we will cover the following:

  • Your exercise history, medical history, special interests and concerns.  What does and doesn’t motivate you, your goals for the future, and why you exercise.
  • A background on Crossfit.  What it is, where it came from, what it is now?  Why does it work so well?
  • The Elements of our gym.  Schedule, policies, etc.
  • A short workout.  Lasts anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes.

After the intro you’re fine going into the regular classes.  These classes are kept small (anywhere from 1-10 people) so the coach will be able to teach you everything you need to get started.  Weights will be kept light until you can move safely – everything is modified for YOUR fitness level.

If after you join you are feeling very overwhelmed,  we’ll do 1-3 free one-on-one personal training sessions to get you up to speed.   This will help you become more comfortable with the skills and exercises. These one-on-one courses are great for slowing ramping yourself up (for those newer to exercise) and for polishing up on technique (for those that have been working out for a while).  Email if you are interested in these sessions.

We’re available to answer any questions about our training before you sign up or at any other time. Send us an email ( or give us a call today (541-653-6299) to schedule your first session.