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Saturday, 5/30/2015


Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  No, it’s Super Lindsey!


Tomorrow:  Sunday, there will be no classes (TJ is gone)
However, there will be open Gym from 10am to 4:30pm.  Come in and get some work done.


Workout of the Day

7:30am – Mobility WOD with Coach Jen
8:00am WOD with Coach Jen
830am Oly Class – this class is only available for 10 at a time and is $50/month extra.  Email Jeremy to get on waiting list.
9:00 – Strength WOD with Rory
10:00 – All comers WOD
10am Sprinting school and 10am GWOD is off for now, but we’ll bring it back if more request it.  (email ecrossfit@gmail.com)

11am beginner class with Coach Holly IS ON!

11:15,  – Advanced WOD
2:30 —  WeDoWhatWeWant WOD


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Partner Back Squats and Running, Friday, 5/29/2015


Cleaning up your gear makes you (and everyone else) happy!


Workout of the Day

Strength: Back Squat 5@45%, 5@68%, 3@77%, 1+@87%
*Use max from 4/16 or what you’ve maxed since then.

*Perform 1 set of 5-10 ring dips in between each set of back squats
*Leave out racks for WOD, reduce weight to 55% of the 1+RM for today

Partnered Running + Back Squats
4 Rounds for time:
Partner #1: Run 400m
Partner #2: ME Back squats
* each person runs one mile total and completes 4 sets of ME back squats
*Score total time minus total reps in seconds (On BTW enter your run as 1 and input your # of back squats)



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Turkish Get Up Day, Thursday, 5/28/2015


Everyone meet Margaret.  She’s super consistent at coming to the 8:30 class.  She’s doing a great job of making sure her ears are in front of her arms.


Workout of the Day

Warm up/WOD #1 (10 mins):

2 mins singles
1 min downdog hold
90 secs ME speed steps
1 min squat hold
1 min ME DUs
1 min ME burpees

*Score Total REPS from SU, SS, DU, and burpees. Have this be a score for the day, no rest between movements!

Strength: Bench 5@45%, 3@72%, 3@77%, 3@81% (12 mins)
(100% of max lift from 4/14 progression or what you’ve maxed since then)
*Perform 1 set of 7-10 ring rows in between each set of bench press

For the remainder of class (38+ mins), work up to a safe and controlled max weight for a Turkish Get-Up on both the R and L side.  Record your 10 best sets of R+L on BTW.



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Open Workout 12.3, Wednesday, 5/27/2015


There’s always another level to keep things challenging, just ask an A-WODer.


Workout of the Day

18 min AMRAP
15 box jumps (24/20)
12 push press (115/75)
9 Toes to Bar



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Squat Clean Ladder, Deadlifts VS. Cleans Pulls, Tuesday, 5/26/2015


Birthday WOD’s are always awesome, but you know it’s extra special if it has a poodle in a hat too.


Workout of the Day

Strength: Deadlifts 5@45%, 3@72%, 3@77%, 3@82% (10 mins)
(Use Deadlift max from 4/8)

*Keep bars out and coach the difference in a regular DL and a clean DL, have people practice

WOD: Squat Clean Ladder! (In honor of Emily)
Starting with approximately 50%-60% of your current 1RM squat clean, perform one squat clean EMOM
for 25 mins. Once you hit your max weight, go back to the weight you began at, and start over at the
beginning. After you have gotten as high as you can on the second time through, spend the remainder
of the time working within the top 3 lifts you have completed, trying to PR or hit your heaviest weight.

*Score heaviest weight



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Memorial Day Murph, Monday, 5/25/2015


Double points for smiling during the couch stretch.


Please check the schedule as we’ve eliminated many times.

Classes today will be around 90 minutes long.


Workout of the Day


Memorial Day Murph

1 mile run
100 pullups
200 pushups
300 squats
1 mile run
Wear a weight vest if you’ve got it.

Scaled = do as a team of 2 or 3.

Note:  This workout will hurt many people if they do it in it’s entirety.  We will be scaling you down to a reasonable level unless you are ready for the full amount.
If you haven’t done a workout with 80+ pullups in the last month AND 160+ pushups in the last 2 month, you should be scaling.



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