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Hylete Challenge Week 4, Sunday, 5/1/2016


Did you know that here at ECF we offer CrossFit kids and teens classes!!
Classes are every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:30 pm.
The Kids classes are taught by Rocky and the Teens classes are taught by TJ.
Talk to Jeremy for more info about these classes if you have a kiddo that wants to try it out.


We will be doing this AMRAP 3 times with 3 minutes of rest between.

10 G2OH 20/16
10 Squats 20/16
30 Single Unders
10 Elbow to hand planks (robot push-ups)
5 Single arm Russian Kettlebell per arm 35/26 (10 total)
5 Single arm KB Push Press per arm 35/26 (10 total)
Rest 3 minutes between AMRAPs

Work for 7 minutes/Rest for 3 minutes X3 = Total of 27 minutes


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Saturday, 4/30/2016




Workout of the Day
8am – Big Ol’ WOD with Barak
9am – Strongman Strength moves.  (scalable for all levels)
10am –  All comers – Bring a friend and do a team WOD
11am – Advanced WOD (gotta know all the moves to show up)
230pm – JuneWOD (extra flexibility work!)



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Bring a Friend Friday, 4/29/2016



Road Biking this Saturday at noon and Tuesday at 3:30pm.  Beginners welcome.

I’ll be putting these up periodically, sign up on the board if you’re coming so we can make sure to not leave without you.



Workout of the Day

Warmup:  PVC Game
The Zizz

Skill:  Breaks between card games to learn moves

WOD:  Card Game
3 x 6 AMRAP

Cashout:  Dice Roll

430 Strength:  Press
WTD Dips



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5 Rounds for time, Thursday, 4/28/2016



Workout of the Day

Warmup:  3 RFQ
10 Goblet Squats 53/35
10 Russian swings
10 KB DLs

Skill:  Coaches Choice

Strength:  Back Squat
1 x 20
5# more than last week

WOD:  5 Rounds for time
200m row
15 Box Jump 24/20
25 Push-ups
50 Air squats

Cashout:  2 x 20
GHD sit-ups
Hip extensions

430 Strength:  C+J



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Elizabeth, Wednesday, 4/27/2016





Workout of the Day

Warmup:  CF Warmup

Skill:  Parallette and box dips


WOD:  Elizabeth
Power Cleans 135/95
Ring Dips

*ECF and BTW Benchmark

Cashout:  Run 1 Mile

430 Strength:  Squat



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Max Snatch, Tuesday, 4/26/2016



Rocky worked REALLY hard last year and made a huge improvement at the Open, going from 175 in 2015 to 75th this year.
Next year he hopes to climb even closer to making it into the top 20.  I think he may do it.
Let’s hope he does so we can all go and watch him compete!


Need your help!

Folks train hard for big events – they’re a lot of fun and really motivate folks to get in great shape.

These events would never happen without a load of volunteers helping out.
The Pacific Northwest Marathon is asking for help volunteering, I was planning on helping and recruiting a few more from ECF.

Sunday, May 28th:  6:45am until 9:50 to 12:30.

Lemme know if you’re in.

Volunteer at the Pacific Northwest Marathon


Workout of the Day

Warmup:  Zizz

Skill:  Burgener

Strength:  Snatch
1 RM
*ECF and BTW benchmark

2 Snatches @ 80%
then 2 minutes ME
*total of 7 minutes

Cashout:  WTD Planks
5 x 1:00/1:00

430 Strength:  Snatch



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