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Friday, 11/21/2014


For every kitten on your shirt it’s a .25 mile/hour increase in running time.

It’s pretty much been scientifically proven.


Workout of the Day

Best Movie TVShow ever.

Mobility: Tesor Fascia Latae

Handstand hold/ push up

5 rm Front squat

Teams of 2-3complete the following with only 1 person working at a time:
tires flip
toes to bar
sled push down and back (only down and back, not 21 lol)


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Thursday, 11/20/2014


Are you working on your pullups?  After class get a few sets of negatives, ring rows, or dead hang.


Workout of the Day

The Ultimate Leaderboard

Mobility: Lat Rolling

rowing skill work
row with just arms
row with just legs
row without feet strapped into rower

Push Press 5×5 at one challenging weight


90 sec on 90 sec off for 10 rounds (5 each, alternating)

Row for max distance

Ball slams for reps


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Wednesday, 11/19/2014


If you get done early it’s sometimes nice to help out a friend by cheering them on.


Workout of the Day

How do you practice listening to your body?

Mobility: Quadricep

Movement standard check
Kipping pull up progressions
Push up form
Squat therapy


We are looking for perfect pushups to be RX.  Worming up or being on your knees is ok, just not quite RX.

Don’t let your knees touch and keep your hips rising with your shoulders so there is no doubt.

If you want to see a perfect pushup, Rebecca B is fantastic.  Check her out on pushup day.



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Tuesday, 11/18/2014

Don’t forget about Raegan’s Fundraising WOD tonight during 4:30 Strength class. Please bring whatever you can to help her out, and don’t forget we will be lifting as well!!!


Tuesday Tips from TJ:

Don’t hit yourself with the jump rope, jump over it. Also everyone should come to strength class today to support an amazing person.

Workout of the Day

Difference between pain and discomfort? How do you tell?

Skill: Strict Toes to bar (to work on L-sit strength)


Dead Lift 3-3-3-3-3-3 mark first and last set load.


75 kettlebell swings

EMOM from 0:00- whenever you’re done X number of double unders (could be just 1 if you’re new to it, if you’ve got around 20 unbroken then do 10-15, but if you’ve got them then 20-30)


11-18-14right one

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Monday, 11/17/2014


Starting harder hurts a lot more then starting and gradually increasing the pace.

Getting faster as the workout progresses is called “negative splits”.


Workout of the Day

Raegan W’s Fundraiser WOD tomorrow (Tuesday) at 4:30 at Sam’s Strength Class!!!!!


The link above is a gofundme account setup to help Raegan with whatever she may need.

There is a collection boxes for Raegan at the gym for folks to donate items that she needs. Here are some suggested items:

Queen or Full bedding
Any kitchen stuff
Towels (bath/kitchen)
Women’s shoes size 9
Small women’s shirts/sweatshirts/coats
Pants size 6 or 4

As always, thank you all for your generosity and support for one of our fellow members.

Also, donations can be easily made on the gofundme account mentioned above or see Coach Sam or Coach TJ. Strength class at 4:30 on Tuesday is one of Raegan’s favorite classes and we think she would love to see some of her favorite friends smashing weights together. Let’s make this a class she will remember forever

Mobility: Adductor

Skill: Push up skill work/ Ring dips/ Ring push ups


10—>1 Wall balls

1—> 10 Dumbbell snatch (alternating hands)



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Sunday, 11/16/2014

View More: http://stevisayler.pass.us/gobblergauntlet

The ECF team did an amazing job at judging at the competition.

That’s the toughest part of these competitions, making it so the judging is standard across the board and everyone feels fairly judged.

The interesting thing is that people complain more about other people not getting “no-repped” then they do about themselves getting no repped.


Workout of the Day

Sam Mashup



20 box jumps

10 power cleans

5 push press

with remaining time max rep front squat

from 10:00-15 EMOM

8 kettlebell swings

4 push ups

from 15:00-20:00 AMRAP

5 pull ups

5 burpees



Overhead Squat

Wall Climbs



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