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Saturday, 8/29/2015


Chris and Lenna can usually be found under or over a barbell at ECF.


Some changes to Saturdays
The Saturday 11am beginner WOD is now moved to Sunday at 11am
The 11:15 Advanced WOD is now moved slightly earlier, to 11am.


Workout of the Day

7:30am – Mobility WOD with Coach Jen
8:00am WOD with Coach Jen
830am Oly Class – this class is only available for 10 at a time and is $50/month extra.  Email Jeremy to get on waiting list.
9:00 – Strength WOD with Rory
10:00 – All comers WOD
10am Sprinting school and 10am GWOD is off for now, but we’ll bring it back if more request it.  (email ecrossfit@gmail.com)

11am beginner class with Coach Holly IS ON!

11:15  – Advanced WOD
2:30 —  WeDoWhatWeWant WOD

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Card Game!, Friday 8/28/2015


All you need to know about CrossFit can be learned by Colleen.

–  Have Fun
–  Be Positive (on yourself and others)
–  Work Hard

And that’s friggin’ it!  CrossFit is awesome!


Thanks for reading the blog.  Sorry for the late posts.  My computer is broken.

I know the people that whine the most about the blog not being on time are my biggest fans.  I do love you. *cough*Peter*cough*


“Card Game”
4 Rounds
5 minutes each



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Bench Press and 3 Rounds for time, Thursday, 8/27/2015


Jake P and Kelly D are getting married this weekend!  Congrats!


Workout of the Day

Bench Press

3 Rounds for time
800 m Run
3 Muscle Ups
25 Air Squats



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Planks and EMOM (with bean bag toss!), Wednesday, 8/26/2015



Workout of the Day

Weighted Planks
5 Rounds for weight
1:00 on
1:00 off

20 min EMOM
5 Handstand Pushups (adv = 10)
14 Lunges (adv = jumping)
15 Abmat Situps (adv = GHD)
BeanBag toss in box



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Tuesday, 8/25/2015



Saturday at 10am we have some really fun workouts.  Kinda like old school gym in elementry class, but for adults.

On this workout you had to do the amount of mountain climbers written on the person opposite of you.  Look at the number on their arm.

Men vs. Women – the women won by 37 meters. (rowing)


This is a benchmark WOD

Workout of the Day

For Time:
20 Overhead Squats
20 Box Jump (24 in.)s
20 Pull-ups
20 Kettlebell Swings
200 m Row
20 Burpees
20 Double Unders
20 Power Snatches
20 Push Presses
200 m Run



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Monday, 8/24/2015


Every once in a while people from the gym get together outside of the gym for a meal or some fun. In this case, it was both.

For our next adventure we are thinking of going to Putters for some laser tag and mini golf.

If you want in, make sure you become a fan of the Eugene CrossFit facebook page, and then like everything that we post.
(if you don’t click like on the fan pages or peoples posts, Facebook stops showing you those posts)



Back squat 1 RM



9 Wall Balls
6 Burpees



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