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Saturday, 10/22/2016


Who loves burpees?

Workout of the Day

8am WOD
We’ll put together an awesome WOD to get your weekend started involving many of the moves you haven’t done this week.

9am WOD

The MikeIraFritz class is always at 9am on Saturday.  We work on the most basic of strength lifts that will help you build your strength for CrossFit and life.  These are lifts you should be doing at weekly and by having a Saturday Class to focus on them we can ensure everyone has a chance to work on them.  Back Squat or Deadlift and Strict Press or Bench Press.

10am All Comers

A beginner Class that will get you moving.  We play games.  It’s a load of fun.  Bring a friend.

11am Advanced WOD Coached but the WOD is brought in by Rebecca B.  Surprise!

2:30 JuneWOD coached by Coach June.  A normal WOD with extra flexibility work

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F*** Cancer WOD, Friday, 10/21/2016


The monday at 530pm class doing their thing.

Workout of the Day

Goal work


Fuck Cancer WOD

28 Timecap
800m Run buy-in
10 Box Jump 24/20
40 Double Unders
8 Pistols (alt)
Do X amount of burpees EMOM

1 to 4, X = 0
5 to 8, X = 1
9 to 12, X = 2
13 to 16, X = 3
17 to 20, X = 4
21 to 24, X = 5
23 to 28, X = 6

Cashout:  21-15-9
GHD Sit-ups
Hip Ext

430pm Strength:  Squats


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Running and Toes to Bar, Thursday, 10/20/2016


It doesn’t matter how good you are, the ECF coaches are going to be relentless about helping you move better.

Workout of the Day

Warmup:  Speed Ladder

Skills:  Burgener

Strength:  E2MOM x 5 cycles
1 Snatch Balance + 2 OHS

Metcon:  12 AMRAP
400m Run
20 Toes to bar

Cashout:  Double Unders – Choose one to do for time based on your double under skill
100 singles
200 singles
5 doubles
10 doubles
25 doubles
50 doubles
100 doubles

430pm Strength:  C+J


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“Tabata Something Else,” Wednesday, 10/19/2016


Abdul is also known as “The King of CrossFit”, “The King”, or “King” or “Abdul”.

Workout of the Day

Warmup:  Zizz + Shoulder Mobility

Skills:  Perfect Kipping pullups, protecting the shoulders and back

Metcon:  Tabata Something Else
Air Squat
Rest 1 minute between

Cashout:  Roll out like the foam roller is insulin and you have diabetes

430pm Strength:  Pull-ups


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3 Rounds for Time, Tuesday, 10/18/2016


Chris getting his elbows this high makes almost gives me tears of joy.  He’s been working on it for a long time and the progress shows, keep it up Chris!

Workout of the Day

Warmup:3 RFQ
10 Slam Balls/battle ropes
:20 Wall Climb
:20 Samson Lunge
30 Single Unders

Skills:  Lunges

Metcon:  3 RFT
21 Cal Row
15 Box Jumps 24/20
9 OH Lunges 95/65

Cashout: Peg Board or bear crawls

430pm Strength:  Snatch


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One Heavy Deadlift, Monday, 10/17/2016


Caleb, Jeremy, Colins.

Workout of the Day

Warmup: Banded Good Mornings

Skills: Burpee

Strength: Deadlift
15 minutes to build up to a heavy single
**Not a max**

Metcon: 5 RFT
5 Deadlifts 245/165
10 Burpee

Cashout: Planks
5 x :45/1:00

430pm Strength:


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