Daily WOD

/Daily WOD/

Sunday, 12/4/2016


Leticia and Lindsey practicing their ability to bring in all the grocery bags in at once. ONE TRIP FOLKS. IT TAKES ONE. TRIP.


**No racks will be used today**

0:00 – 6:00
10 Shoulder to Overhead
10 Box Jumps 24/20

6:00 – 10:00

10:00 – 16:00
1 RM Push Jerk

16:00 -20:00

20:00 – 26:00
8 Lateral Burpee over bar
15 Kettlebell Swings 53/35

Cardio – 75/55
Open Prep – 105/75
Strength – 135/95

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Saturday, 12/3/2016


The joy of fitness! Have your kiddos learn the fun of physical pain and mental stress. Sign them up for Crossfit Kids! Coming January 1st 2017!

Workout of the Day

8am WOD
We’ll put together an awesome WOD to get your weekend started involving many of the moves you haven’t done this week.

9am WOD

The MikeIraFritz class is always at 9am on Saturday.  We work on the most basic of strength lifts that will help you build your strength for CrossFit and life.  These are lifts you should be doing at weekly and by having a Saturday Class to focus on them we can ensure everyone has a chance to work on them.  Back Squat or Deadlift and Strict Press or Bench Press.

10am All Comers

A beginner Class that will get you moving.  We play games.  It’s a load of fun.  Bring a friend.

11am Advanced WOD Coached but the WOD is brought in by Rebecca B.  Surprise!

2:30 JuneWOD coached by Coach June.  A normal WOD with extra flexibility work


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Power Snatch Max, Friday, 12/2/2016


Kim Z has seen some things. Things that a person should not have seen. Stare into the void and the void will stare back.

One month Left!

BAMFS as of 11/29/2016
(2oo classes in a calendar year)
Name – Classes 
Lenna – 331
Padma – 327
Chris P – 288
Marisa M – 283
Jojo – 269
Pascoe – 264
TJ K – 263
Brandy Mck – 260
Karen M – 260
Reed R – 256
Jennie F – 250
Fritz D – 247
Sheila M – 243
John Fr – 242
Jeremy S – 239
Aurianna K – 237
Brian H – 232
Holly A – 228
Lynne M – 227
Abdul A – 225
Brenna K – 221
Brian D – 219
Mike F – 216
Blake S – 216
Zach C – 215
John T – 211
Jade M – 207

Almost BAMFS
Mel Doh / Brandy K / Katie L / Sean B / Avelina H / Leticia F- 1 to 10 away

Sean C/Shannon H/Rebecca B/Cary L/Tricia D/jesse P/Cole/Carla K/John F/Alvin/Andrea C -11 to 20 away

Kelly E/Leslie M/Tara B/Lindsay S/Jen B/Jacob P – 21 to 30 away

I am very proud of you all!img_7793

Workout of the Day

Warmup:  CF Warmup

Practice:  Burgener

Strength:  Power Snatch
1 RM

Training:  5 Rounds for max reps of
DB Snatch 60/40
Air Squats

Cashout:  Sledge strikes
100 per arm

430 Strength/Thur Gymnastic WOD:  Bench Press

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3 Rounds for time, Thursday, 12/1/2016


I bet you’re thinking, “Dustin, why aren’t you in gym clothes?” You know what he’ll say? He’ll say “I like the sensation of denim rubbing against my thighs.” Oohhhh yeaaaaaah.

Workout of the Day

Warmup: Zizz

Strength:  Thruster 7 RM

Training:  3 RFT
15 Thrusters
25 Calories
**different machine each round**
Weight: Cardio- 75/55
Open Prep- 95/65
Strength- 135-95

Cashout:  15 Strict Pull-ups

430 Strength/Gymnastic WOD:

Handstand Pushups
Rope climb
Jump Rope


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Annie on the run, Wednesday, 11/30/2016


Ben Stoneberg helping some folks how to get it down. He’s a 5x crossfit games athlete, but deep down he’s always wanted to be a professional wrestler. CAN YOU SMELL WHAT STONEBERG IS COOKING?!

Workout of the Day

Warmup:  Speed Ladder

Practice:  Jump Rope

Strength:  Shoulder Press

Training:  “Annie on the run”
Double Unders
Abmat situps
*2oom run btw rnds

Cashout:  Handstand walks

Strength class 4:30 Bench

Tomorrow Strength is Gymanstics. Rope Climbs, Jump Rope, HSPU


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20 min amrap, Tuesday, 11/29/2016


look fam, this is teens class. and teens class is lit af. hallo my fello kids.

Workout of the Day

Warmup:  Zizz

Practice:  Rx weights:
Cardio- 75/55
Open Prep- 95/65
Strength- 135-95

Strength:  Front Squat
15 min to go heavy

Training:  AMRAP 20
6 Front Squats
8 Toes to bar
10 Box Jumps 24/20

Cashout:  21-15-9
GHD Sit-ups
Hip Extensions

430 Strength/Thur Gymnastic WOD:  Oly


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