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Tuesday, 9/23/2014



Workout of the Day

kick to handstand on wall or freestanding
 3 Ring rows with pause on the top

Front Squat 5 sets of 3 with a 2 second pause on the first and second rep. 75%-85% all.
Conditioning: 3 RFT 400m run, 12 burpee toes to bar


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Monday, 9/22/2014



Workout of the Day

Skill: Hand stand push ups

Lift: Clean off blocks or hang position
2rm then 3X2 @ 80%

Conditioning: 5 RFT : 30 Double unders, 15 wall balls, 5 weighted pull ups


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Sunday, 9/21/2014


Lou, one of our most diligent, hard working and most improved athlete.

Every year since he’s started he’s won the BAMF award.

Read announcements at the bottom for information on how to achieve BAMF status.

Workout of the Day

Coaches Choice

Strength : Push Press 5-4-then 3X3 at 80%


from 0:00 to 6:00 EMOM

5 push ups

5 jumping squats

from 7:00- 14:00 AMRAP

3 burpee box jump over

3 power cleans 135/95

3 Shoulder to overhead

from 14:00 (notice there’s no break go right into it) -20:00 EMOM

8 bent over rows with dumbbells (Flat back, hamstrings tight, pull bells to armpits)

1 wall climb

timer turns off at 20:00 mark



BAMF:  This year the BAMF award requires you attend 200 classes in one year.  You get a vote for Coach of the Year.  You also win an official BAMF T-Shirt   If you see someone with a shirt that says BAMF on it, realize the hard work they’ve put in and let them know they did a good job.

Currently, we’ve got 13 athletes that already have attended 200 classes in 2014.

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Saturday, 9/20/2014



Workout of the Day

6:30 WOD with Jen is cancelled
7:30am – Mobility WOD
8:00am WOD with Jen
9:00 – Strength WOD with Rory
10:00 – All comers free class with Jeremy, bring a friend!
10am Sprinting school is off for now, but we’ll bring it back if more request it.

11am beginner class with Coach Holly IS ON!

11:15, 2:30, 5:30 – Regular WOD




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Friday, 9/19/2014


June gets excited when she comes to CrossFit.


Workout of the Day

Hollow rocks
 Pause front squats with a PVC

Hero WOD Brenton

Five rounds of:
Bear crawl 100 feet
Standing broad-jump, 100 feet
Do three Burpees after every five broad-jumps. If you’ve got a twenty pound vest or body armor, wear it.




-  Clarification:  Next weeks benchmark WOD has been changed from Tuesday to Wednesday. (Max Snatch)
–  If you’d like to do another benchmark WOD, rumor has it that Daren has programmed “200” for Jesse’s birthday WOD,  This Sunday at 6:30pm.  (Happy 20th Birthday Jesse!)

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Thursday, 9/18/2014


Great job Hillary!  Burpee Jumps!


Workout of the Day

Parrellette shout throughs
 L hold on rings or support hold on ring

EMOM 20 minutes
Odd: minutes: 3R/3L kb clean and jerk
Even: 2 hang squat snatches



-  30 Day Nutrition Challenge Starting October 1st.  More details to come.

Two new columns are now added on the Ultimate Leaderboard  (Make sure to check it out by clicking on leaderboard, ultimate Leaderboard)
–  Lifestyle Log:  Every month the top of each of the categories who scored the best under the “LifeStyle Log” will receive 50 points per category.  Here are our winners for August:
–  Total Classes:  Every month we’ll update the classes and you’ll get points based on how many classes you’ve attended.  Winners for August:
1.  Padma (34)
2.  Paris H (29)
3.  Jennie F (25)
4.  Chelsea W, Brandy M (23)
6.  Kari F (22)
7.  Lynne M, Rebecca B, Carla K (20)

1.  Edwin R (29)
2.  Fritz D (24)
3.  Khalid Alm, Randy D , John F (22)
6.  Sean N, David W, Chris P (21)


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