Meet the Coaching Team

Jeremy Stecker

At a very young age Jeremy Stecker was leading, motivating and making things fun for others. Throughout his life his peers have identified him as the guy to put forward for leadership and fun. He has been making up games and taking charge for most of his life.

Physical strength and conditioning has always been a passion for Jeremy Stecker. During high school and college Jeremy focused on course work in sport and conditioning while earning a degree in business management. Jeremy has independently read and studied the literature of strength and conditioning techniques.

Jeremy Stecker opened Eugene Crossfit in 2007. His Crossfit Certifications include (but not limited to): Level I Certification, Level II Attendee, Gymnastics Certification, Coaches Preparation Course, Crossfit Kids Certification, Crossfit Nutrition Certification, Olympic Lifting Certification, and Crossfit Endurance Certification.

Before opening Eugene Crossfit, Jeremy directed his passion for fitness in coaching friends and family at no cost for 12 months. He spent hours pouring over information and brainstorming ways he could help his friends and family become strong and fit. During this time he realized that helping others get fit was how his life’s passion and professional work would come together.

Jeremy has done in depth studies of Crossfit theory, philosophy and unique strategy for fitness. As of September 2012 he has been coaching Crossfit for 5 years. Jeremy Stecker has been coaching Crossfit longer than anyone in the Eugene/Springfield area.

Daren Kromarek

Daren Kromarek has found great success with the CrossFit program.  He has spent most of his life in one sport or another.  At a young age his father who was a Judo practitioner had him doing somersaults, headstands, jumping rope and competing in Judo competition. Daren went on to compete in Wrestling, soccer and basketball. He played all the sports that were offered in Juneau Alaska where he grew up.  Most recently he is enjoying racquetball and running as his main sports outside of CrossFit.

In Feb of 09, Daren was looking for new ways to improve his current strength and conditioning program and found CrossFit. After a short time, the owner of Eugene CrossFit asked if he’d like be in the apprenticeship program and Daren started his pursuit of coaching CrossFit.

Daren was hired as a full time Coach at Eugene CrossFit in January of 2010.  He coaches athletes 5-6 days a week up to 6 hours a day.  He loves that he gets to help people realize and surpass their fitness and life goals with proper nutrition and exercise using CrossFit methodology.  He has fun, is approachable and super nice!

Daren’s CrossFit certifications include CrossFit level 1, CrossFit Endurance, CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting, CrossFit Mobility, and Goal Setting.  Daren has also been on the Eugene CrossFit team and competed at the Northwest Regional two years in a row.

Jen Blackburn

In October 2009 Jen met Jeremy Stecker and decided to give CrossFit a try.  The crazy fun workouts were a welcome change to running and the encouragement and support of the ECF Community was amazing.  By 2012 Jen had lost over 30 pounds! Jen realized that at 42 years of age (she is now 46) she was stronger, happier & healthier than she was twenty years prior…and she wanted others to realize that the same could be true for them.

Jen became a CrossFit Level I Trainer in 2012, and holds CrossFit Certifications in Goal Setting, Football and Olympic Lifting.  Jen is also a USAW Weightlifting Sports and Performance Coach.  Jen will become a CrossFit Level II Trainer in April 2017. In addition, she completed the Whole30 Challenge twice and participated in the Whole 9 Foundations of Nutrition Workshop.  

“My passion is to encourage people through their CrossFit journey.  To help them realize they CAN do hard things, they CAN lift heavy stuff, they WILL get stronger and more fit every time they come to CrossFit.  The fun we have and the huge community of friends we make is just a bonus!”.

Holly Arrow

Holly Arrow joined Eugene CrossFit in November 2010. A dancer and martial artist in her teens, twenties, and thirties, Holly had become injury prone in her fifties: she threw out her back jogging and pulled muscles doing everyday activities like gardening. She started CrossFit to get fitter and to strengthen her bones, which were becoming fragile.  After years of Crossfitting, she now has the bone density of a thirty-something.

In 2011, Holly competed in her first Crossfit Open and got hooked. Coach Daren coached her all the way to the Crossfit Games (Masters Division) in 2012, 2013, and 2014. Her current focus is competing in Olympic Weightlifting and she is the national and world record holder in the 63k division of the 60-64 age group.

Holly particularly enjoys coaching Masters-age athletes and beginners. She loves helping people learn new skills and become stronger and fitter while having fun.

Holly is certified as a CrossFit Level I Trainer and as a USAW Level 1 Weightlifting Coach.

TJ Kelley

Born and raised in Northern New Jersey, Coach TJ constantly played and competed in sports (basketball, lacrosse, football, swimming). While there he was also head coach of a swim team for 3 years and snowboard coach for 5 years. Coach TJ moved to Oregon in 2012 for school (U of O), joined Eugene CrossFit in October 2012 and found that CrossFit made him a better snowboarder- balance, strength, stamina. He received his L1 certification in February 2014. He also attended the Outlaw Olympic Lifting Camp where he learned the “outlaw way.” Coach TJ says, “I love CrossFit because of its fundamental ideas and movements and how they can change someone’s life. I fractured my L5 vertebrate in high school and had pain constantly until I found CrossFit and strengthened not only my core and back but my entire body. Now I live pain free.”


June Clark

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Sean Connolly

Sean became part of the CrossFit community in 2013.  Sean joined with a strength training background and has since added Olympic weightlifting to his repertoire. He has focused much of his time on developing his understanding of the Olympic lifts to better help teach it. He has been CrossFit Level 1 certified for 3 years. Not only does Sean coach CrossFit, he has recently helped athletes to develop their skills and strength base in both Olympic weightlifting and Powerlifting.


Jennie Cooper

Jennie started doing CrossFit in 2012, and after a few months she left her desk job to go back to school to study Exercise Science. She is now pursuing another degree in Human Physiology at the University of Oregon. Jennie has hopped around a bit, in both her career and her location, spending nine years in the military then two as a consultant and personal trainer. She started coaching CrossFit in 2013 on the east coast, then joined the Eugene CrossFit coaching team in October of 2016. While she enjoys her own progress, she thinks the most gratifying aspect of CrossFit is watching people take control of their bodies and then having that control carry over into other parts of their lives. Baby steps can take you up a mountain.

Jennie’s certifications include CrossFit Level Two, CrossFit Gymnastics, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, and an MS in Exercise Science.

Brian Huynh

Brian. Coach. Blog keeper. Gym goer. CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.