YES!! The coaches are amazing at modifying things. Every workout is be modified to find the right amount of hard.  The coaches can change the movement, pick the right weight for you, change running to rowing, or even come up with a completely different workout that fits your needs. You may think this is going out of our way, but we do it nearly every single class and you probably don’t even notice it if it’s not you! The coaches can often tell what to modify for you with but sometimes we don’t know so make sure to speak up if there is something you’re not comfortable with.
Here are some examples of workouts we’ve modified:
Example 1:  Jaime joined our gym and couldn’t lift his arms over his shoulders due to a war injury decades ago.  If it was an overhead or pullup day, he came anyways and we simply gave him other things to work on.  He worked out with us for several years and made amazing progress.
Example 2:  Running is a great exercise but it can be hard on the body for beginners.  When you join with us you’ll be ramped up slowly with distances and intensity.  Several folks simply cannot run due to certain conditions.  That’s OK!  We have rowers, bikes, airdynes, ski machines and everything to give you that same cardio workout.  Also keep in mind if you can’t run you shouldn’t be doing jump ropes OR box jumps.  We’ll come up with other things for you to do instead.
A benchmark workout is a workout that we do once or twice a year. If it’s not a benchmark, we may never do it again.  You can find all of the benchmarks around the gym. Look for the green squares. There are 44.

Often people want to beat their time, so they go much harder during benchmark workouts than the other workouts. This may not be a good idea because you always want to workout in a way that you can workout tomorrowBenchmark days are very similar to others though.  You can make any workout harder or easier by pushing yourself more.

No, rest days are important too. A good place to start for beginners is 2-3x a week and see how you feel, and then bump it up from there. That’s just a phrase I use to give you the right mindset on how to push yourself. Intensity gives us amazing results in a short amount of time, but it needs to be increased slowly to prevent you from burning out.

Memberships range from $75-150 a month, depending on how often you’d like to come and how long you commit. Don’t worry too much about cost, first we need to make sure you’re going to love it. Call or text and we’ll set up an time to go over all the details, including price. Folks that join often say it’s the best money they could ever spend, and it’s not uncommon to hear members mention that it’s the best decision of their life.  Not even joking.
Every time you visit, there is a top notch coach working with you, focused on your class, and small group and it really makes a difference. We have great coaches so you’ll find you get much fitter in much less time than anywhere else.  Our coaches are present and focused on you.