Gear, Equipment, Accessories and Useful Tools to Have in Your CrossFit Bag

Having the right gear and having used it a number of times prior to competition will give you a tremendous advantage.

Jump Rope!! A few brands and models that stick out to me as the best performers.

Oly Shoes:

Long Socks: Socks that come up just below the knee and over the calf to protect your legs from barbell scraps.

CrossFit Shoes:

Running Shoes: So many styles to choose from. Let me know what Brand and Style you’re looking at and we can discuss them.

Wrist Wraps:

Lifting Belt: Lots of styles to choose from. The velcro “Atlas” Belt at Sports Authority is a good option.

Kramer Self Stick Tape:

Plastic Bags for Ice. Ziploc Freezer bags are great for icing purposes.

4 Inch Elastic Wrap: Great for holding Ice Bags in place. Get two.

Tape: Regular Athletic Tape. Pick up a roll or two that we sell at Eugene CrossFit

Rock Tape:

Neosporin: To help heal the and relieve pain on torn hand or any other cuts and scraps.

Water: The team at CrossFit Endurance Love this stuff!

Altrient C and ME: hand’s down the best high performance vitamins, recovery, and quick energy products available.

Whey Protein Powder. This is the cleanest stuff I’ve found.


Grips: To protect your hands during high volume training.

Rumble Roller:

Muscle Trac:

The Stick:

Other Considerations:
Compression tights
Sand paper/emory board
Bands for stretching
Lacrosse balls
Biofreeze or Cryoderm

Daren Kromarek