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On the gym chalkboard I taped BAMF attendance numbers stating that you need 84 visits by April 30th to be on track.

This was a mistake. If you are at 67 or above on the chart you are on track. I’ll copy and past all of your numbers below.

BAMF is a Tshirt you win if you attend 200 or more classes in a calendar year. (See the video posted on facebook last week for more information)

If you’re not on Track, you can still win. Leslie M joined at the end of May last year and won it.

How did she do it?
A. Classes. Daily WOD, Strength, Abs and Cardio, You can do multiple classes in one day if you have unlimited membership.
B. Goat work. 40 or more minutes of your own work each count as a class.
1. Try to avoid the 430pm-630pm time slot on Monday and Wednesday for doing your own stuff as it’s very busy.
2. Make sure to write your name down on the corner of the whiteboard (in the box) for credit.
3. You can only get one of these per day. Even if you spend 6 hours a day like Gus does at the gym and workout by yourself, it’s only one point
4. Whenever you go on a 40 or minute long run or a bike ride just have your route pass by the box to write your name down.
C. ROMWOD. ROMWOD is a 20 minute stretching video you can get a third of a point. Make sure to give yourself a tickmark for every day you do it.

Also, if you surpass 200, keep going. The higher the number the better your score on the back of your T-shirt at the end of the year. Good luck Everyone!

Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Doris, our February athlete of the month! Doris says, “As a senior member of EC, I love being among the 20, 30, 40 somethings. I delight in my #135 deadlift alongside Rasheed who lifts #235. He encourages me. I encourage him. For a 1954 baby, that is more fun than a barrel of monkeys.”
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