What is a Eugene CrossFit BAMF?

It’s a special group of Eugene CrossFitters that showed up to 200 or more classes in one calendar year.  

What do I win?
Massive amounts of pride and a free BAMF shirt. On the shirt is your name and a number on the back. The number is your choice of either the number of classes you attended or the place you attended at the gym. For example, if Gus came to 232 classes and was the 10th best at attending classes for the year, he could either have a “232” on the back or a “10th”.  

Which number should I choose for the back?

You’re encouraged to put whichever number motivates you more. If you’re competitive with others, put the place on your back: 8th is better than 10th. If you’re competitive with yourself, put the number of classes. Trying to improve every year is dang fun.

Can I just pay for a shirt and not attend all these classes?
Not for a million dollars.

Why is there a BAMF?

It’s an AMAZING goal for those that want to improve a ton of things:  want to get faster, have more endurance, have a stronger back squat/deadlift, become better at pull-ups, look better and live longer…? Show up more! Easy, boom!  Get a BAMF. What a great goal!

What if I joined late in the year?

Get to work! We’ve had people get 200 classes as early as June and the legendary Leslie M won a BAMF after joining mid May. If you join late in the year, train to get ready for the next year!

How are they counted?

Every class you attend counts as one point (except 90 minute AWOD classes count as 1.5). Jeremy logs everyone in that attended from the whiteboard after the picture is taken. In addition, all your flexibility points (see below) are counted once a month and tallied into the total.  

What’s a flexibility point?
In the dungeon, there’s a whiteboard. Write your name and every day you do 20+ minutes of flexibility work, make a tally mark. Each of these tally marks count as ⅓ of a BAMF point and are erased and added at the end of the month. Yes, you can do this at home, but only one flexibility point per day. Stretching longer than 20 minutes is encouraged, but it’s still only one point per day.  

What kinds of things should I do for my flexibility work?

We have lots of posters in the dungeon that you can refer to and there’s a great book at the gym to use as a resource called “Supple Leopard.” We keep it in the drawer next to the product fridge in the front room. We love Foam Rolling or yoga, but it’s best to get on a regular program. We love ROMWod and MobilityWOD and there’s lots of other YouTube videos if you want to do something for free.

What about Strength Class/Abs and Cardio/Gymnastics WOD/or any other class?

Yes. Each of those are one point as well.  Many folks do the Strength Class and daily wod after to get 2 points in one day. When you’re ready, a “triple” is when you do strength, abs and cardio, and daily after that. Make sure you’re ready for the volume and check in with a coach before you make an effort for that.

I only have 3x a week membership.  How can I win?
You can’t. If you attend Strength and then the Daily WOD, you just burned two of your classes a week. Upgrade your membership!

What about if I come in and workout on my own?

On the bottom left of the whiteboard there is a big square that folks write their name.  This is for people that did work not in classes but on their own at the gym.  Here is how it works:

  1. It has to be 40 minutes or longer at the gym.  
  2. It cannot include flexibility (see flexibility point above).
  3. You can only get one of these per day (because getting coached in addition to this is encouraged).
  4. Runs and bikes can count even though they’re not at the gym if you either start, end or swing by to write your name in the middle of your ride.

I’ve been hanging out at the gym with friends and then we did an easy mile walk and all that took longer than 40 minutes, can I write my name?
No! Don’t cheapen the BAMF award. It’s gotta be hard to get!

Does it have to be at Eugene CrossFit to get a point?

Yes.  You cannot get points outside of Eugene CrossFit.  There are just a few exceptions:

  1. Runs or bikes count if you either start, end or swing by to write your name.
  2. Workouts on vacation (see below).
  3. Fitness Events (see below).

What if I forget to write my name?  
Don’t do that. Just remember.

What about if I go on vacation or am out of town and workout? Can I get points there?

Yes! We want you to stay in the habit!  To get credit for workouts when you’re not in Eugene, you MUST

  • take a picture during or after your workout, post it to Facebook/Instagram/Twitter using #ecfbamf
    AND when you get back to Eugene CrossFit, put your name, the date and #ecfbamf on the whiteboard.
    AND workouts gotta be 40+ minutes and you can only get 1 per day (unless you’re at the gym and doing multiple classes)
    Like this:

This does not have to be a CrossFit workout. Snorkeling, going for a hike, laps in the hotel pool all count!  If you don’t use social media, maybe just text Jeremy with a picture at (541) 653-6299.

Can I do #ECFBAMF (see above) and get credit for working out NOT at Eugene Crossfit, not on vacation but nearby… like hike mt Pisgah or do a bunch or burpees in my lawn?

No.  You cannot get a point.  If you are in Eugene the only way to get a point is to come to ECF.

What about if I complete a Crossfit fitness event?  

Yes! We love it if you compete in an event. They have several events for novices these days too! Send a selfie to Jeremy and how it went at 541-653-6299. Include how many workouts you completed at the competition and you will get 1 point for each!

What if I complete a non-Crossfit fitness event?

Heck yes! You’re encouraged to sign up for stuff. Try a 5k or a 10k! Runs, races, triathalons, mud runs, bike events also all count. Send a text to Jeremy at 541-653-6299 and include what you did for a point.

What’s the tally mark on the sleeve of the shirt?

How many years that the person has won the shirt.

What if my points aren’t getting counted?
Jeremy does his best but sometimes mistakes are made. This may happen if your handwriting is bad or if there is an issue with your membership or if someone has your same name. (i.e. Ryan Cr vs Ryan Ca)  We do a good job but it helps if you keep track on your own as well so we can make adjustments when scores are posted.

Wow!  This is really motivating. I want to work out every day forever now.
Whoah! Whoah! Whoah! One of the keys to working out is creating a habit of showing up. If you workout too hard and/or don’t take rest days, you’ll run yourself into the ground. Try to find that sweet spot of showing up and stay in the rhythm of the entire year. Don’t forget that dialing in nutrition, getting lots of sleep, staying hydrated, flexibility and recovery work all play a huge role in how you recover.


So in conclusion, here’s all the tricks to getting a super high BAMF number:

  1.  Sign up for unlimited membership at Eugene Crossfit
  2.  Show up to as many classes as you can, without pushing you over the limit.
  3.  Do flexibility work every day and add a tick mark next to your name for each do you do in the dungeon.
  4.  Either show up a bit early or stay a bit later (40+ minutes total) getting some work done.  Don’t forget to write your name in the square on the bottom left corner of the big whiteboard.
  5.  Stay working out while you’re on vacation and shoot texts to Jeremy about what you did.